Monday, April 26, 2010

Joel Stans for Harper's Bazaar

Still life photographer Joel Stans shot this accessories story for the May 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar Magazine. Joel's sleek, sharp photography is the perfect compliment to these chic accessories.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eric Ogden Shoots Paris Hilton for Esquire

Eric Ogden photographed Paris Hilton on location at her house in LA for the May 2010 Women's Issue of Equire Magazine.

Odile Gilbert for Teen Vogue

For the April issue of Teen Vogue, hairstylist Odile Gilbert created perfect prom hair looks that were gorgeous, romantic, and even a little daring.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eric Ogden's "A Half-Remembered Season"

Photographer Eric Ogden premiered his first solo show, "A Half-Remembered Season" last month at Hous Projects Gallery in NYC. In The New Yorker blog, writer Elisabeth Biondi explored the show and Ogden's unique creative vision. In it she writes that Ogden meshes reality and fiction, creating a compelling image that seems like a still from a movie. Biondi says:
"Whether it is a child on a swing in midair, a husky looming in a hallway, or a beautiful blonde hovering at a gas station, someone is trying to tell a story. Ogden provides the scenario and then lets his subjects either act out their story or directs them to do so. He works with light and shadows, his color is saturated, and the surroundings are lush."
Each photograph featured in "A Half-Remembered Season" was picked because they are "populated with characters that seem haunted by the weight of the past". These are "images that evoke the strangeness of the everyday, and the mystery of objects and landscapes that seem to hold their secrets and allude to stories never quite explained".

"A Half-Remembered Season" is open now through May 18th at hous project.
31 Howard Street, Floor 2.
New York, NY 10013.

Click Here to read the New Yorker Blog Post.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Adventures of Sperry Top-Sider

Photographer Noe DeWitt has been shooting the ad campaign for Sperry Top-Sider for the last 2 years (4 seasons). Sperry Top-Sider is most known for their iconic boat shoes; they epitomize summers in the Hamptons, sailing in the Florida Keys, and boating off the Cape. Sperry's ads wanted to be as versatile as their shoes, so the team created a campaign to show us just that.

For the first season, DeWitt traveled to Rhode Island, where there are as many sailboats in the sea as cars on the roads, and the rocky beaches and lighthouses frame East Coast Americana perfectly.

For the fall 2009 campaign, they traveled west to Seattle, where being outside in the moist air amongst tall pine trees means trudging through wet sand and tall grass.

When the warmer months come, what's nicer than a warm beach location to celebrate? The Spring/Summer 2010 campaign was shot in the Florida Keys with the palm trees, the soft sand, and the crystal blue-green water.

Noe and the Sperry team just finished fall/winter 2010 in San Francisco and are continuing their brainstorm of new locations around our America that exemplify "A Passion for the Sea".

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Stefan Beckman for T Magazine Design Issue

Set Designer Stefan Beckman paired up with Photographer Ilan Rubin to create this colorful and Alice in Wonderlandesque story for T Magazine's Spring Design issue. Click here for the T Magazine Blog, which features an awesome video on how the set was built and shot.