Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honey is her Name, Nails are her Game

Exposure NY's manicurist Honey received her first set of nails as a gift when she was just thirteen years-old living in Brooklyn, NY. Her sights were set on being an artist, so she started creating designs and images on them and it started from there...

Since then, she has imagined some of the most innovative nail designs the fashion world has ever seen. From nails painted to resemble Band-Aids to beetle wings, Honey is anything but ordinary. And that is obvious from her name alone. While Honey wasn’t her given name, it’s certainly her name now. She was notorious for calling her countless clients (including Courtney Love, Dita Von-Teese, Kate Hudson, Ciara, and Britney Spears just to name a few),"Honey", in turn, the affectionate nickname stuck onto her.

Scratch, the magazine for nail professionals asked Honey to create a black and white nail story. We think this story is SO Honey, so we decided to post some of the pictures for you all to see.

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